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The real Vicki using her hooks and braces


If you like reading about women who use prosthetic hooks or long leg braces then you will enjoy my stories.

I am planning to bring back pictures and videos in a private (free) members only area.
More details to follow.

Thanks to those who take the time to let me know you like my stories.

Latest Updates

9/11/13 "The Transformation"
Chapter 23
8/19/13 "The Transformation"
Chapter 22
7/30/13 "The Transformation"
Chapter 21
7/21/13 "The Transformation"
Chapter 20
7/14/13 "The Transformation"
Chapter 19
7/10/13 "The Transformation"
Chapter 18
7/3/13 "The Transformation"
Chapter 17
7/18/12 "The Transformation"
Chapter 16
6/27/12 "The Transformation"
Chapter 15
2/11/2012  "The Transformation" is a story about a teenage boy's complete transformation into a beautiful young girl by his domineering aunt. Follow him as he eventually accepts his new female body and loves being a girl in every way. Braces and hooks also play a role in Paula's new life.

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